43 Senior games and 19 Youth games

– Was what our scouts and scout interns were able to “scout” this week.

For us, scouting is about creating a platform of knowledge, about a player, a league, a country, to be able to benchmark, so decisions can be made.

That being able to say, “Sign”, “Follow” and even more important, “Forget”. 

Creating a platform of knowledge, is our main focus, our scouts and out scout interns, cover around 60-80 games per week, through video scouting, with that one goal of being able to identify players, our clients, afterwards can scout in depth.

We educate our scouts and interns, in our way of screening countries, leagues and individual players, so they are able to take decisions, based on knowledge of our clients clubs/teams, what their needs our and if their request is to get a “plug and play player” or a potential development player, that they can prepare over a longer period, for a specific role a their club.

What we do, is not a secret, if you want to see our report template, please have a look below,  the report template used, is what we call a phase one template, used for screening.

We work with three templates, a screening template, which is phase 1, a scouting template, which is phase 2, and a top 3 template, which is phase 3.

Going forward, we will, once a week, share one of our reports, with you, so stay tuned.

If you have questions, comments, or want to find out how we can assist your club or agency in your work, please contact us @ contactus@mellemmand.com


– – – 

All basic information(full name, year of birth, position and preferred foot) about the players in this report as well as in other reports, is information we find on the clubs websites, federation websites or other football relevant sites, such as transfermarkt, InStat, Wyscout etc. 

All our reports in our football scouting database, is based 100% on our scouts individual reports, on a football match, watched either live or through video scouting.

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