User Rules & How to use this Network / Blog

As a future member of this Network, it is expected of you as a user to contribute, with either football content, relevant and constructive comments or as a minimum that you spred the word about this network to your fellow football friends around the world.

The ambition of this Network, is to create a platform for knowledge to be shared, ideas to come to live and to create an option for all football coaches and people to go somewhere to get inspired on a daily basis.

What we expect of you:

We expect, that you as a user, have read this post on user rules, expectations and how to use this network, when you register.

We expect that you keep a good tone, if you comment, you do so in a good and a constructive way.

We expect that you as a user contribute in a positive way to this network.

We expect that you as user dont use this network to post a blog or comments, linking to an other website. Not for commercial reasons and not in general.

If you dont live up to our expectations, we will remove your rights as a user, without any form of notice.

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