Mellemmand was founded in the end of 2017 to address the gaps in the market for a Football Consultancy Company that provides clubs, agencies, federations and professional individuals with our services. Always having the special focus on being "The man in the middle" in our daily work and as an Executive Search firm, focused wholly and exclusively on working with clients in the Football industri.


We offer clubs and federations our services, experience, expertise and access to our network within the world of football.
We assist clubs setting up their general club structure and organisation, their scouting structure, internal CPD programs as well as providing them with external education. If we dont have the tools needed, we link the clubs, with the right people.


We aim to help our partners in having the best possible platform, to find the best candidates, for them to recruit. We work on an international basis, with clients that range from small and big clubs in Scandinavia to world famous sporting clubs, federations and agencies.


We cover the most of the northern and middle european countries through our partnership with Football ScoutLaB, at both youth and senior level, through live and video scouting.
Football ScoutLaB provides the clubs, federations and agencies with objective external scouting assistance, when required. We dont represent players and du to that fact, we can objective.


We facilitate individual development, for football people. Through webinars, online learning and through our Danish Football Conference, which we have hosted three times since the first edition in 2018. And through our Football ScoutLaB, with our online scouting education, as well as our mentoring programs.

Danish football conference 2022