Transitional play

My second blog post about the theme “transitional play” builds on the first presentation. 

This blog post starts with a passing exercise with a lot of movement and one of the focus points will be awareness. It’s extremely important overall, not just when talking transitional play, to always scan the area around you as a player. A couple of great examples of scanning can be seen in these two videos, the first with Frank Lampard always scanning and checking the area around him, while the second clip is with former Arsenal-player Cesc Fabregas.

Later in this training session I have two exercises with the theme transitional play. The first is a quite simple exercise to work with the players 1 v 1 skills in transitions, while the second is inspired from English side Evertons youth teams. 

This time I have decided to end the training session with a fun little exercise inspired from a study trip to Dutch side Vitesse Arnhem. The focus here is to develop the players technical ability and a bit of fun with two teams competing against each other. A good drill to end the session and create good a good team spirit.

Would love your thoughts and feedback.

Kenneth Nielsen

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