The pro’s & con’s of using Inverted Wingbacks

The Inverted Wingbacks is not a new concept in football, but is not used very often.
Some of the managers who actually have used it, within the last couple of years are; Pep Guardiola at Manchester City & Julian Nagelsmann at Leipzig – two wellknown managers with a great tactical mindset (after my opinion).

The way these two managers have used the Inverted Wingbacks have been a ”eye-opener” for me as a coach – because it gives another dimension in the way of playing football and how to use the so called ”Halfspace” as a tactical opportunity.

Many of you have properly seen this  picture before or used it in your club?, but this is a picture of a picth divided into zones, where the orange illustrates the ”Halfspace” and where the Inverted Wingbacks will be moving into.

The two wingbacks will in most tactcis stay out wide to create width and opportunities for making overlaps and participate on the last third.
But as Inverted Wingbacks they will move inside and gain a central position on the pitch in front of the center backs and perhaps a defensive midfielder (depends on the tactic). 

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Kristoffer Kvistgaard

UEFA A-licensed coach / Head Youth Coach @ Miðvágs Bóltfelag / Scout

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