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 The ScoutBooK – “Notes”

This edition of the ScoutBooK is designed for the scouts as well as the coaches, leaving the end user with a “pitch template” to write the line-up of both home and away team, as well as space for adding the comments, buzz words and / or grades etc. in the small boxes, set up to cover the various formations a team can play.

Above the “pitch template” the user have space to add date, home team, away team, score for both teams and age for each team.

Below the “pitch template”, the the user have 6 lines, to add comments of own choice.

“This version of the ScoutBooK is meant for both coaches and scouts, giving them a professional ScoutBooK, that can help them in organising their overview, individual comments as well as general comments, when they watch a game at any level and make their  individual notes.

We have tried to listen to the end users and gathered their feedback and I am sure this version of the ScoutBooK in the future, will be used by many scouts and coached on different levels, as the ScoutBooK can be used for both coaching and scouting purposes.



The ScoutBooK – “Screening” 

This edition of the ScoutBooK is designed for the “Scout”, who has been looking for a professional tool for scouting.

Its structure gives the new scout, as well as the experienced scout, a report template that will contribute to a better overview, organization of comments and, in general, lay the foundations for a good report.

“We have been collaborating with for a long time in SK Rapid Wien and have taken the“ Football ScoutLaBs – ScoutBooK ”to us. It has helped lift our live and video scouting. A professional scouting tool ”

– Matthias Ringler, SK Rapid Vienna – Head of Scouting