Do you want to be a scout within women's football and be part of a groundbreaking set-up?

If you can say yes to the above statement, are willing to learn, to contribute, to watch a lot of games on video, now is your chance to join our “Q-ScoutLab intern program.

At Q-ScoutLab we want to show the way and bring scouting within women’s football to the same professional level as you see in men’s football.

As a scout intern you can expect to be educated within every aspect of the football scouting industry, get knowledge about different systems, tools, report templates and ways to work. In the end we want to see top quality, knowledge about the different markets, dedication and hard work.

Q-ScoutLab intern program covers several European countries and leagues, through video scouting and live scouting.

Expectations; Q-ScoutLab intern

Part time, scout intern

Duration: 12 weeks (1 week per module)

Location: Work from home, and the chance to see some matches live as well

Salary: Not paid, internship

You must be ready to watch 5 – 6 matches a week on video, do the match reports and participate in our internal education program.

All meetings, work, reports and communication will be done in English, as we are looking for candidates from all over the world.

Period and starting date: 3/8-2020 to 25/10-2020.

We provide our scout interns with:

– Free, full scouting program

– Free, full access to InStat Scout / Database with games

– Free, access to knowledge and scouting templates

– Free, feedback on your scouting work, from the instructor


Should you have any questions, then feel free to send us an email:

How to apply:

If you want to become our new Q-ScoutLab intern, then send us your motivation letter, your football CV and let us know why you should be part of this program.

1. Send us your application, motivation letter and football CV to

2. You will then receive an invitation to a scouting case, where you will be asked to do 4 scouting reports on 4 games, through video scouting, using our templates and having previous reports as examples. Afterwards you will have a Skype interview where we will discuss the scouting case.

  • You will only be a part of the Q ScoutLaB program, if you are able to complete the scouting case.

3. Successful candidates will then start their internship at Q-ScoutLab 3rd of August 2020

Closing date for applications: 1st of July 2020

Q ScoutLaB Instructor: 

Kenneth Nielsen

Head of Q ScoutLaB

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you

Q ScoutLaB

by Mellemmand

What people say?

For me the scouting internship was a great opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills as a scout. I learned about how to look at players from different levels and different age groups. While at the same time, I learned so much from the other scouts who were participating in the program. For example about how to find the hidden gems within a team performance and different opinions with good discussions. And maybe the most important; Mellemmand is really there to help you as a scout. They give feedback and give you the opportunity to work in the real world of football when you show off you can bring some quality!
Satya den Boer
KNVB - U16-U13 National Teams Scout
“I can highly recommend participating in the ScoutLab course with Kenneth Santa and as either an entry into the football world or as an addition to ones existing knowledge and skills. Not only was I taught how scouting at a professional level is being done and the many different aspects to take into consideration depending on the circumstances of different clubs, but there was also a lot of emphasis on personal progression in regards to fine-tuning ones ability to determine and assess players of all age-groups in a way which has proven invaluable to landing a role in a professional club after finalizing the course. This particular role, as Youth Scout for Brøndby IF, was also one which would not have been possible had it not been for Kenneth Santa setting me up with an interview through his network with such a big club. Despite hoping for some kind of employment after this ScoutLab course, this was more than I could have hoped for or imagined. Kenneth himself was always open, super friendly, and available for a chat about football or feedback in general and made sure to come and watch games with me as well to share his experience both from the perspective of watching games on video and live (when geographically possible), again, at all age-groups to ensure as vast a platform of knowledge as possible is obtained by the participants of the course.”
Lasse Ebbesen
Brøndby IF - Youth Scout
I took the internship a few months ago(April-June 2020), when I had the time and the opportunity to expand my knowledge. It was great to build network and to find out what does a scout who's been working in the industry for years think about my skills.
Dániel Sebestyén
mellemmand - scout
The scouting internship provided me to develop myself as a scout. What really helped is the feedback that I get during the internship. That was for me very important and that's what mellemmand internship makes the difference. It helped me to look at players from different levels. Also I learned lot of the fellow scout colleagues.
Savas Unsal
"The scout education at M E L L E M M A N D . C O M, has taught me many things about scouting and talent identification. First of all, the importance of structure and organisation, as well as the importance in scouts, coaches and the management in a club speaking the same football language, that being in scouting reports and in general. Working with both video scouting and live scouting through the scouting program, helped me in the right direction, to modify and build upon my platform of knowledge, about the game and being able to put down the right words and describe, what you see as a scout. The scouting program helped me and have provided med with new tools, that I use in my daily work, working as a youth scout, for Brøndby IF. I am incredibly happy that I seized the scouting education opportunity with M E L L E M M A N D . C O M, and took the time to educate myself, as a person and as a professional, without it, I would never have reached the place I am now."
Andreas Wagner
Brøndby IF - Youth Scout
The scouting internship at Melemmand gave me good opportunity to learn more about "football scouting" from highly qualified instructors and it gave for me also chance to build my personal (worldwide) network. I had all tools (for example scouting softwares etc.) and they helped me to understand how football scouting works in the real life. If somebody's plan is to be a football scout, this internship would be a good "first step".
Bence Szolnoki
mellemmand - scout
The Express Internship was an intensive and gratifying experience. Mellemmand provided me with all the necessary tools to help me in my development as a (video) scout. All while being part of a group of enthusiastic fellow scouts from all parts of the world.
Jan van der Plas
mellemmand - scout
The Scouting Internship is a great way to learn and develop scouting skills. During the program, Mellemmand give me all the tools to learn and practice the best way to be a scout. Also I have the chance to share and build a network with scouts all around the world. Great experience.
Andres Diaz