Do you want to be our next "Nordic Youth Scout Intern"?

Since 2015 we have had more than 30 hopeful scout interns, starting an scouting education program with us, from day one our company aim have been to find 1-2 potential scouts every year, that we could employ on consultancy basis in our own company.  The program have developed through the years, as the scouts and the company has as well and we are now in a position where we also educate scouts, that is interesting for clubs across europe, due to the platform of knowledge and expertise they have gained during their one year scouting education program with us.

In 2018, your scouting intern Andreas Wagner followed a scouting intern program with us, mainly focused on watching youth games live in the Copenhagen area and watching youth national team games on video and live if possible. Andreas was at the end of his internship with us approached by Brøndby IF, who offered him a role as a youth scout in their academy scouting department.

In 2019 the story repeated it self, Lasse Ebbesen followed a one year scouting program with us, first based out of Barcelona in Spain and since the summer 2019, in Denmark. Lasse developed quickly during the program and where given more and more to do in our company as we could see his development would benefit from this. Lasse was as Andreas was approached by Brøndby in the end of 2019 and offered the chance to work in the academy scouting department.

For us as a company, we are very proud to see that scout interns such as Lasse and Andreas have developed during their period in our programs and even more proud that they have taken new steps in their development, finding their way into employment as youth scouts, with one of the biggest clubs across the nordic countries.

Learning from the cases of Lasse and Andreas, we have been approached by several clubs in the Nordic countries, asking us if we could look their way next time we have talented scouting interns, based in the nordic countries. So in that regard, we are now introducing a new scouting internship possibility with MELLEMMAND, the “Nordic Youth Scout Intern” program

If you want to be a part of the program, are willing to learn, to contribute, to watch live youth games in your area and youth national team games on video, now is your chance to join our new “Nordic Youth Scout Intern” program, as a part time “Scout Intern”.

As a scout intern, you can expect to be educated within every aspect of the football scouting industri, get knowledge about different systems, tools, report templates and ways to work. Our clients demands top quality, knowledge about the different markets, hard work and dedication. 

Demands that we every day do our very best to live up to and expect you to do as well. – Football ScoutLaB:

Football ScoutLaB covers several european countries as well as countries in south and central america, through video scouting and live scouting. 

Football ScoutLaB services: team screenings, TOP 3 player scouting, individual player reports, opponent analysis, country shadow teams and individual player cards.

Expectations, Scout Interns:

Part time, scout intern (25 hours per week – Not paid)

Location: Work from home.

Salery: Not paid, internship.

Part time Scout Interns must be ready to watch 3-4 games live a week, as well as a minimum of two youth national team games a week on video and do the game reports as well as other scouting related work in accordance to the program.

*Live scouting, will be done in local area, when it suits your individual weekly program (At your own expense).

All meetings, work, reports and communication will be done in English and we are looking for candidates, based only in the Nordic countries such as, Norway, Sweden, Finland, The Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Period and starting date: 1/6-2020 to 30/5-2021

We provide our scout interns with:

– FREE, full scouting program

– FREE, full access to Instat Scout (Value 1999 Euro a year)

– FREE, Access to our knowledge and scouting templates

– FREE, Feedback on your scouting work, from our instructors.

Our end goal is to find 1-2 scouts per year, that can develop and become a part or full time scout, for our company, or for clubs or agencies which we work with across the Nordic countries. Scouts making it all the way through our program, will receive a certificate of their internship at Football ScoutLaB. 

In our experience, scouts coming through our program, are very attractive for clubs and football agencies.


Should you have any questions, then feel free to send us a mail:

What Our Former Scout Interns Have to Say


If you want to become our new Nordic Youth Scout Intern, then send us your motivation letter, your football cv and let us know, why you should be our next scout intern.

Closing date for applications: 15th of February 2020


1 – Send your application, motivation letter and football cv, to

2 – Succesfull candidates, will receive an invitation, to do a “scouting case”, watching 4 games on video and doing 4 reports, from our templates and having previous reports as eksamples to follow as well as completing 2 live youth game reports(in local area if possible). Candidates, will have 14 days, to complete the scouting case.

3 – Succesfull candidates, handing their scouting case in on time and with quality in their work, will be invited for a Skype interview.

4 – Succesfull candidates, will start their Nordic Youth Scouting Internship at Football ScoutLaB, 1st of March 2020.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward hearing from you.