WATCH NOW – Grassroots Network Event

This Wednesday, we hosted a free grassroots network event, moderated by James Mullane from Fulham FC & Soccer Social, special guest on the event was Paul Kirton, from Grassroots Football in the UK, who is known around europe, as an expert in grassroots football.

Above, you can see the free event in its full version, going forward, all events is closed to the people attending the network events, with different topics and different guests attending.

At Mellemmand, we have decided, to use this period “off the pitches”, to think in what way we can facilitate “being the man in the middle”.

Going forward we will facilitate a weekly network event, focused on different geographical areas and on different topics.

Our ambition is to bring together groups of professionals, with different background, from all over the world, to inspire each other and try to bring people closer together, when talking the same “Worldwide Football Language”.

Alle group talks, will be done in english and we expect that the people who wants to join our network, will play an active role in the talks, making sure to keep a high level of interactions and sharing of knowledge and thoughts, across a diversity of background.

Our “Network Plan” –  for the month of May and June 2020

1) Wednesday the 27th of May, 13.00 DK Time / 12.00 UK Time – Grassroots Football

Moderator James Mullane, Fulham FC and “guest” Paul Kirton, Team Grassroots

2) Monday the 8th of June, 20.00 DK Time / 19.00 UK Time – Summer Transfer Window

3) Monday the 15th of June, 20.00 DK Time / 19.00 UK Time – Youth Development

To sign up for the talks, send a mail to: 

With information on what football club you work for, your background in football, information on coaching badges etc. (There will be a max number of participants in each call of 30 people, we will try to facilitate a moderator of each call and an introduction to each topic and then open the floor for open discussions).

We will send you a confirmation email, when we have registered you for one of the above network events.

– All network events will be done through Zoom.

If you should wish to present and/or make an introduction to a topic to discuss at a network event, please feel free to send us an email.








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